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2015 isuzu NRR / Jerr-Dan 21ft A


A pair of 2015 Isuzu NRR's built with Jerr-Dan 21ft 102" Wide Aluminum XLP Beds. These trucks feature Automatic Transmissions, Power Windows & Locks, Cruise & Tilt, A/C, Radio, 3 Person Seating, & super warranties! The Beds are 21ft Aluminum XLP (Low-Profile) beds. 102" Wide, L.E.D. Lighting, L.E.D. Lightbars, I.T.D. Boxes with 1/4 Fender Boxes & Top-Trays, Jump-Start Kits, Fuel Can Storage, Broom-Shovel-Trash Can Provisions, Custom Trailer Hitches, Custom Installation with Frame re-enforcements, In-Dash Switch Panels, Hot-Shift P.T.O's & More! The XLP bed comes standard with L.E.D. Lighting, 12 Key-slots, & a 3 year warranty! These trucks are built for durability, maneuverability, & serviceability! Excited to see the trucks with the Rays Towing Finishing Touches! Thanks to Rays Towing Eugene Or!

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