Wreckmaster Courses


Santiam Enterprises is proud to be a WreckMaster distributor. WreckMaster offers training, certification, and patented products that are second to none in quality and which carry a lifetime warranty. Santiam Enterprises host WreckMaster courses and carry WreckMaster products.

Level 2-3

WreckMaster level 2-3 is a two day course specializing in light duty towing with some medium duty recovery. The student will be taught new methods of application and be introduced to non-traditional materials to enhance his job performance. Upon completion of the course an operator should be able to approach, clear and leave a scene with confidence. He will have been trained to estimate time, equipment needed and know what will and what won’t work. As always professionalism, safety and teamwork are stressed. The introductory WreckMaster course must be completed before the next level (level 4-5) can be taken.

Level 4-5

Level 4-5 is a two day course specializing in light-medium and heavy duty towing. Emphasis is on recovery skills, safety and professionalism. This class is oriented toward the qualified career operator. 50% is classroom instruction and 50% is hands on.


As a certified WreckMaster, your certification is valid for three years from the date of your last class. If in the second year of your certification, you wish to attend another class of the same level, you may attend that class at half price. Upon completion of that class, your certification will renew for three years from the date of that class. Contact WreckMaster at 1-800-267-2266 for more information regarding recertification.

Santiam Enterprises, Inc.

Santiam Enterprises hosted the first level 4-5 WreckMaster course held in the Northwest. There are over 20,000 operators who have chosen WreckMaster for training worldwide. We believe that continuing education and training helps raise the level of safety and professionalism in the industry and prepares towers to more ably meet the demands of an ever changing transportation market.

“Education is the key to success. I learned more than I forgot and it reinforced what I already knew. It was very cost effective for the value received.”
– Michael Wildman, Consolidated Towing, Bend Oregon

WreckMaster courses are currently being hosted twice a year by Santiam Enterprises on behalf of the OTTA. Please contact us to find out more about WreckMaster and to be included on our mailing list. For ordering WreckMaster parts, please call Eric in our parts department at 1-800-282-2793, or email parts@santiamenterprises.com